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Our goal is the excellence.


Our quality policy is based on a strongly customer-oriented approach towards achieving common goals. We consider quality as the foundation of our competitiveness and all the companies within Grupo Geispen are ISO 9001 certified.

Since 2012, we are also certified according to ISO/TS 16949 standard for aluminium high pressure die casting processes and machining which enables us to meet the quality requirements of our customers from the automotive sector.

Our goal is to achieve quality excellence meeting the specifications and requirements of our customers and even surpassing their most ambitious expectations.

For that reason we use the most precise processes for quality inspection and controlling such as real-time injection control, tomography, 3D measurement, spectrophotometers etc

All our companies are ISO 9001 certified

Our goal is excellence in quality, meeting the specifications and requirements derived from the client and exceeding even their most ambitious expectations.

Our means of control.

We use the most precise inspection and process control methods, such as real-time injection control, tomography, three-dimensional measurement, spectrophotometers, etc.

Always focused on process control


3D measurement