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Prototype Tooling

Prototype tooling is a less expensive option that gives the engineering teams the opportunity to test fully functional aluminium castings produced with the exact manufacturing process as the series parts.

On the other hand, such process allows us to put at your disposal our expertise and experience and make recommendations to ensure not only manufacturability of the part but also a smooth, efficient and cost effective HPDC process in the long run.

Thanks to the capabilities of Grupo Geispen, we are able to carry out the whole project in house. This allows us to streamline the processes and internal logistics and therefore shorten the lead times at maximum. We can offer tool design, tool construction, preseries casting, CNC post-machining, surface treatment and of course all the required measurements and documentation with lead-times ranging between 6 to 10 weeks.

Thanks to our in-house tool construction facilities, we are able to deliver prototype fully functional castings in less than 8 weeks