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Means of production


We have 2 melting furnaces with capacities of 2 and 1.2 Tn/H for the most common alloys as well as auxiliary furnaces with capacities up to 1 Tn/H for the special alloys.


We currently have a large number or fully automated workcells consisting of 10 die casting machines with clamping forces from 140 to 750 Tn and we are planning to introduce new machines with clamping forces up to 1500 Tn in the near future.

Surfaces Finishing

With our finishing equipment which includes drum type shot blasting machine, hook type shot blasting machines, vibratory finishing as well as other surface finishing equipment we are able to give our products all types of surface finishing according to the requirements of our clients.


Our CNC machining centres and transfer machines allow us to embrace even the most challenging machining projects on castings.

Plastic injection

We have 6 thermoplastic injection machines with clamping forces between 90Tn and 650Tn. with the capacity to manufacture parts of up to 3Kg, as well as auxiliary equipment such as anthropomorphic robots for part extraction and integration of injected inserts, sequential gas injection, suction feed of raw material, mixers and dispensers, casting grinders at the machine, tempering units, and temperature control in molds.

Assembly and control

We have extensive experience in automation and process control using robots, manipulators, artificial vision, tightness control, error testing, laser marking and others, which allows us to offer customers from simple handling to the supply of functional sets assembled and tested in automatic lines.