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Mission, vision and values


Our mission is to supply the market with highly technical components and sub-assemblies while keeping the highest quality standards and providing the best customer service.


To grow into becoming a benchmark company which sets the standards in terms of aluminium and plastic parts manufacturing.



We are committed to meeting all possible requirements our clients might request, aiming always to exceed expectations.


Strong visibility is crucial when it comes to providing information to our customers because it creates trust. Trust is the basis of every succesful collaboration.


Our driving force is our employees and their commitment to accomplishing any task our clients challenge us with.


We always strive not only to comply with current legislation but also to continuously improve our environmental performance and reduce our environmental footprint.


We work with very dynamic sectors and have the know-how to keep up with their fast pace


Our destiny is linked to that of our clients, considering us an extension of them.

Exceed expectations

There is always room for improvement.


The devotion on doing a truly good job enhances the efficiency of all members of a company.