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Grupo Geispen acquires last generation CFD simulation software, Flow 3D

By 19 June, 2018News

With this acquisition we complete another step towards accomplishing our main goal which can be simply summed up in ‘becoming a leading company in HPDC’. Flow 3D developed by Flow Science, provides a series of detailed insights into crucial HPDC aspects such as filling and solidification while tracking porosity, oxides, entrained air and thermal stresses. This would allow us to quickly and reliably evaluate not only different design options but also what effects could these options can have on the final part performance.

Although we have been using simulation tools in the past, now we have created a HPDC simulation station in our facilities. Using Flow-3D, our in-house tomographic equipment and our more than 40 years’ experience in HPDC, we aim to offer our customers advanced co-engineering services focused on the optimisation of the compatibility between the designs of our customers and the specific requirements of the HPDC process. Optimal compatibility means, efficiency, robustness and of course cost-saving.