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We are well aware of how important it is to respect and take care of our surroundings and we also know that the environmental performance will gradually become essential when it comes to making decisions and establish collaborations with customers and suppliers.

For this reason we continuously endeavour to improve our processes and minimise our carbon footprint. Our environmental management system is developed within the international legal framework and our work philosophy is based on the standard ISO 14001.


We currently recycle 99.9% of the aluminium that we don’t use and we monitor in real-time the energy and gas consumption in order to analyse and improve our energy efficieny.

Wastewater discharge        

We have our own water treatment system with which we purify the wastewater produced as a result of our industrial activity.

Our work philosophy is based on the ISO 14001 certification.

We comply with REACH and RoHS regulations. 

Our products comply with the requirements established in the REACH and RoHS regulations.

We do not use conflict minerals

Furthermore, we consider that it is part of our corporate responsibility that our products do not contain minerals from conflict mines and that is why we work with suppliers that meet this requirement.