Aluminium die casting


The engineering department of Geispen group is capable of dealing with all the stages of an industrial project from the initial design, based on the specifications of our customers, to its mass production.

We have our own CFD simulation station using Flow 3D software. Flow 3D provides a complete analysis of the filling and solification of the cast part while tracking various defects such as porosity, surface oxide, entrained air and collapsed bubbles, thermal stress, deformations etc.

Furthermore we have broad experience in the design and development of multi-cavity moulds for components of complex geometry. We have designed and put into production moulds of up to 28 cavities for largerly consumed components.

We use NX’s advanced CAD/CAM/CAE Unigraphics software to aid the development of our tooling and die design. The software enables us to provide accurate and robust data to our tooling workshop

There is no better guarantee than the over 1500 projects we have successfully accomplished during the fifty years of our company history.