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Benchmarking in HPDC industry

By 11 April, 2017News

The benchmarking has become one of the most suitable tools in the die casting industry.

Benchmarking allows us to segment our market and has shown promise and utility for the die casting companies.

The die casting industry has never produce as much aluminium as it has now. The new vehicles models have produce lots of very large die castings.

It is true that there has been a slowdown in the number of sales per employee, but it is mostly attributed to the cost of aluminium.

There is a difference between auto and non-auto facilities. Both operations which cast structural components generate a high revenue, but the automotive die casters revenues are below several of the non-auto companies.

All the numbers show the profitability of the industry. For HPDC market, financial experts say that this is the better period of his history.

2015 started with high expectations from most sectors of the HPDC industry. However, as the year progressed, the non-automotive sector started to downgrade their forecast. The final quarter saw some rebounding of the non-auto sector in order to finish the year overall at 2.1% growth over the previous year.

The automotive industry is the major end market in die casting industry, and its sales, trends and forecast determine the HPDC direction.


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