It is not a secret that an enterprise moves forward thanks to the revenue generated from its services, yet it is the duty of any company to give one part of what is gained back to the society. After over thirty years of fruitful partnership with a number of Disability Employment Services, we founded our own centre in 2007, which has been operating successfully since then.

Disability Employment Services are institutions which have similar structure and organisation to those of normal employment centres, whilst pursuing different goals. These centres aim to aid employees with disabilities to actively engage in the job market through training permitting them to apply for decent jobs that would meet their needs and abilities.

In 2007, we made a decision to take one step further founding our own Disability Employment Services.

More than twenty-five percent of our employees have different degrees of disability at GRUPO GEISPEN.

Our production processes are run by people with disabilities who are fully integrated in our company’s team, providing high quality services to our clients. This way they can access the job market with higher social expectations, whilst the clients can contribute to the fulfilment of the law regarding the inclusion of people with disabilities in companies.

At GRUPO GEISPEN, twenty-five percent of the staff are employees with disabilities, who have the necessary skill set and competence thanks to regular training to perform their tasks.

Under the current legislation on inclusion of disabled people, companies with a work force of more than 50 employees must hire 2 percent of disabled workers.

Thanks to the special conditions Disability Employment Services are granted with, we are able to provide competitive services of identical value.

In accordance with the Royal Decree 364/2005 on 8th of April, the obligation to employ a specific number of disabled workers has been modified making it possible to realise hiring, purchase of products or services in the companies which cannot afford to employ people with disabilities due to economic or organisational issues. This way these enterprises can lawfully carry out their activities with a more affordable option, whilst meeting CSR requirements.

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